November 29, 2019

Top Motocross Tips for Advanced Riders

Bike riding is an art, and different terrains demand different machines and skills to overcome the hurdles and emerge as a professional biker. Although you may have the riding skills, riding on motocross terrains can actually make you struggle. If you believe you are a good bike rider and have taken part in some of the rookie motocross programs, you can step up your game using these five tips which are meant for advanced motocross riding.

Training Mind and Body

Riding a motocross bike requires more than your mental strength to learn the movements on the bike. Before you start your motocross training, you need to hit the gym and improve your muscle memory. Without the gym, you will never be able to become a professional motocross athlete as it is more than just riding the bike. You will have to develop muscle memory to create the right balance in extreme motocross terrains, and that can only be accomplished when you stress each and every muscle in your body. The rider who goes to gym will always be better in balancing the bike as compared to the one who does not. Apart from the cardio that you get from riding on tracks, lift weights in the gym.

Do the drills

You need to have a drill plan to practice the laps every day. There are several types of drills that you can choose to do and switch through the week. The drills will always train you to perform the right moves in similar situations, such as making the shortest turns, jumps throughout the track, or speeding up and down at the right time. Do the most important figure 8 drill which will increase your muscle memory. Most of the races are won or lost in the corners, so you will have to master your left as well as right turns. Another drill that you must do is learning to stand on the footpegs at all-terrain conditions without setting your foot down. This will require a combination of brakes, accelerator, and muscle memory.

Watch yourself

When you practice your laps, use a camera to record your rides. You can use a GoPro to attach to your helmet or take the help of your friend to capture your ride throughout. This can help in learning your mistakes, so next time you do better. You should also be open to criticism from the professionals as they may tell you the secrets of their riding.


You need speed more than consistency. What sets a professional player apart is the consistency of shortest lap timings. Time consistency is really important for racers as it will determine whether their timing is good enough for a race, or they need to make changes in their laps. Keep a record of your timing and keep improving it till the day of racing, so you are at your best form.

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